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Shift 2 - Prayers and Intercessions

Prayer is the bedrock of all that we do and praying for our everyday lives is as important as praying every day. Our prayers of intercession during gathered worship are a great opportunity to pray for the church and the world. But this shift invites us to also use those patterns as opportunities to broaden the reach of our prayers to include our #MoreThanSunday lives and the various missional opportunities we each have in the everyday places God has placed us.

For example, missionaries, church workers and leaders may often get mentioned in our intercessions, but why not also include those we come across and meet regularly in everyday life? Taxi drivers, hairdressers, care workers, those seeking work, the local butcher, staff at the local corner shop, council workers etc. When we pray for others publicly, it raises our awareness of their presence among us. It also reminds us of our own missional opportunities too - not just to pray for people but also to minister God’s grace and love as we make contact and build relationships with them. Such prayers help to root us in the communities in which we live, work and have our being.

Shift 2 Session Plan

Shift 2 Handout

Video resources

How and why do we pray for everyday life?

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Prayer Walking

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