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Shift 3 - Faith at Home

It’s absolutely key that #MoreThanSunday includes people of all age groups and not just adults. Here in the Diocese of Manchester, we are committed to offering children, young people and the adults around them, the opportunity to explore and develop their faith in our schools, churches and also in their own households. Our vision is to see  conversations about faith happening as naturally as those we have about what to have for tea, who’s turn it is to clear the table or who last had the TV controller!

To achieve this, it’s vital that we all seek to create safe spaces for  children and young people to ask questions, explore their faith and develop their gifts. We have massive opportunities to do this in our diocese, not only through the links we have with our 190+ Church of England schools but also with our local community schools too.

Shift 3 Session Plan

Shift 3 Handout

Video resources

Faith in the Nexus research by the NICER Institute at Canterbury University

Download this video here

Faith At Home with the Masih Family

Download this video here

Faith in Trinity School

Download this video here

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