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Shift 4 - Small Groups

Living out our faith day by day wherever God has placed us is a natural thing to do but often it doesn’t feel quite that easy and so we need strength and encouragement. Just as our bodies need food and water to grow and function well, so too we need to feed and nourish ourselves spiritually.

Most Anglicans were part of a Confirmation group when they were preparing for that important milestone, but growing in our faith should not stop at Confirmation!

One of the best ways to feed ourselves spiritually is through starting or joining a small group. In small groups we learn together as we discover more about the Bible and grow in our knowledge of God. Small groups create safe spaces to explore what it means to be a follower of Jesus. They provide a group of people to pray for us and cheer us on as we take those sometimes hesitant steps in living out our faith.

Shift 4 Session Plan

Shift 4 Handout

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