The Diocese of Manchester's finances are mainly managed through the Manchester Diocesan Board of Finance (MDBF), a company limited by guarantee and a charity.

Most of the MDBF income is provided by Parish Share, contributions from Archbishops' Council, diocesan fees and income from investments and property. 


A presentation to the October 2021 Synod on the 2022 Diocesan Board of Finance budget, is available to view.

Financial accounts 

Every summer the diocese publishes its accounts for the previous year. You can access copies of the accounts from the document library and the latest set of accounts from 2020 are available here.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid enables parishes that are registered with HMRC to reclaim basic rate tax on donations they have received. 

For information on Parish Share, preparing parish accounts and fees, please see the Parish Administration page.

Beware of scams!

beware the scamWe are aware of a number of scams where companies claim to be working on behalf of the Church of England to provide services such as working toward net zero carbon or installing COVID-safe air purifiers. Please be very wary of such approaches and take a few minutes to check out that companies are genuine by calling someone at Church House. Don't be pressured into providing details of your bank accounts.  Some parishes have lost money to scammers in this way.

The Church of England Diocese of Manchester,
Church House, 
90 Deansgate, 
Manchester M3 2GH

Manchester DBF Company number 149999, Charity number 249424
Telephone: 0161 828 1400