Diocese of Manchester

Mourners gathered for funeral

For the newly bereaved

At a time of loss, the church is at your service. Whether or not you, or the one who has died, have attended a church, we are pleased to offer our care at this difficult time in your life.

Your local vicar is able to give support, and would officiate at the funeral, should you wish. We believe that it is important to take time to hear the story of your loved one’s life. After the service, we offer a listening ear, not only in these early days, but in future months as you come to terms with your bereavement.

We believe that everyone is uniquely special in God’s eyes, and hope to reflect this in our service to you.

How do I contact my local church?

Your local church will welcome your making contact. To find details, enter your postcode at A Church Near You. This will show you the name and contact details for your local church and indicate if your church is within the Diocese of Manchester or a neighbouring diocese. Alternatively, email funerals@manchester.anglican.org and we shall provide information for churches within the Diocese of Manchester.

Further information, support, guidance and prayers

Click here to learn more about funerals in the Church of England, together with guidance and supportive suggestions.

Here are some prayers you might find helpful, 

Loving God,
In this moment, life has stopped:
yesterday is past,
and there is no longer a future.
Come to me:
comfort me with memories of yesterday,
hold me steady today,
and give me hope for tomorrow;
for your presence always guards and protects me
and your love promises to bring new life.

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