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A group of authorised lay ministers
Authorised Lay Ministers (ALMs) are lay people active in church life, who have been identified as having a particular vocation and calling to share in the public ministry of the local church.

ALMs are nominated by their incumbent and PCC in recognition of their individual gifts and abilities and are then nurtured and trained by the diocese before being ‘commissioned’ by the bishop to exercise their particular ministry within their local parish. ALMs work collaboratively as part of the wider parish ministry team in serving, resourcing and encouraging all God’s people to carry out the mission of God’s Church. 

What does the training involve?

Part 1: Core Module

Between January and Easter all candidates undertake an exciting and practical 8-week core course that explores and unpacks what ALM ministry is, how God might be calling us to serve the local church and how we can grow and sustain our ministry. During this time there will also be 2 study days focusing on the areas of safe practice and collaborative ministry.

Part 2: Ministry Elective

From Easter to June candidates will do 8-10 weeks’ specialist training in their selected area of ministry. There are now 10 ministry electives available including; Mission, Community, Children’s Ministry, Pastoral Care, Worship, Prayer & Spirituality, Youth Ministry, Parish Administration, Ecology & Creation, Primary School Chaplaincy.

Part 3: Preparation & Commissioning

From July to September candidates are encouraged to engage with ongoing reflective practice whilst working alongside their incumbent to complete a role description and final assessment. In preparation for their commissioning in September there will also be a reflective pre-commissioning quiet day.

How can I be selected?

To serve as an ALM you will need to be nominated by your incumbent and PCC. Candidates will only be accepted for training if it is clear that their proposed ministry will be to work collaboratively within an existing team or that such a team will be developed during the course of training. Ideally a parish will be accredited for collaborative ministry before candidates are nominated. If the parish is not accredited it should seek accreditation while the candidate is in training. We also expect that all applicants can evidence having completed some form of basic foundational Christian education/training, e.g. Foundations for Ministry, Alpha, Christianity Explored, etc.

Are there any assignments or written work?

The ALM course is open to people of all educational backgrounds. As such, there is a limited amount of written work with the materials focusing more on practical application. However, for those desiring to go a little deeper there are optional opportunities for further reading.

How much does the course cost?

All the costs of ALM training are met by the diocese. Parishes are asked to support their candidates if help is required with travel expenses to the training venues.

How do I apply?

The next intake will be January 2019. For further information on how to apply please contact Jamie Mackenzie.

Mr Jamie MacKenzie

Mr Jamie MacKenzie

Local Ministry Officer

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