Diocese of Manchester

The role of the Eucharistic Assistant or Communion Assistant is to assist the minister in the distribution of the bread and wine at Holy Communion, and equally to assist the congregation to receive from God in the sacrament.

This role of Eucharistic Assistant is both a privilege and a responsibility. It is for the incumbent and PCC to nominate and agree those who should share this role. The bishop will signify his affirmation of this Eucharistic role with a notice of confirmation to the parish.

Communion wine

How to nominate new Eucharistic assistants

The incumbent and PCC need to agree names, and the decision should be recorded in the PCC minutes.

Names should then be sent to Mrs Judith Giles (01204 527919) who keeps the record of authorised Eucharistic Assistants on behalf of the Bishop. Judith will then arrange for the parish to receive a certificate of authorisation from the Bishop.

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