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Curates after ordination service
Curacy is a crucial phase of continued formation for future ministry. This stage is known as Initial Ministerial Education (IME) Phase 2, to emphasise that initial training does not end at ordination but at the completion of the first training post.

A process of intentional continued learning is therefore integral to a curate’s work. IME Phase 2 aims to build on previous experience and learning – both recognised and implicit – to facilitate personal and professional development.

Formation and Assessment in Curacy

A range of useful resources can be accessed below. 

Ministry and Training Agreement

The Ministry and Training Agreement helps curates and supervising ministers to shape their working relationship and mutual expectations. It is used to plan the priorities of the curate’s ministry during training and plot key dates such as supervisions. The Agreement should be reviewed at least once each year during the curacy

Ministry Journals

Ministry journals can be used to harvest the learning potential of events and pastoral encounters. Feel free to adapt the journal templates to suit your own needs.

Supervision Records

Supervision records help the incumbent and curate review the curate’s existing expertise and experience and keep a record of learning outcomes. Feel free to adapt the journal templates to suit your own needs.

New deacon on ordination day

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