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Baby Interrupted Bible Study | Beth Hampson

Beth Hampson, a passionate member of Christ Church Pennington in Leigh, found having a baby made it difficult to go to her evening Bible study. Recognising it was an issue shared by other new mums in the church, Beth set up a daytime bible study called 'BIBS' - Baby Interrupted Bible Study.

"It's important not to let your bible study slip because that's going to be one of the foundations of your life"

BIBS has been operating for over 11 years, with many of the babies from its inception now growing up and going to school! Children are still welcome and the group continue to meet every week to support each other and encourage prayer and fellowship.

The video above was shared at our 2023 Clergy Conference as an effective and innovative model of discipleship. Do you run something similar in your church, or are you inspired to take this model and apply it within your congregation? Let us know by emailing and share your story of faith.

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