Our Diocesan Vision

Manchester is a vibrant diocese of opportunity and creativity. Its rich mixture of church traditions makes it a wonderful place to engage in Gospel ministry.

Our diocesan vision is to be a worshipping, growing and transforming Christian presence at the heart of every community. We want to be a Church for a Different World. All our energy, effort and prayer is focused on achieving our vision by 2030.

Our short film brings our vision to life. With examples of creative and varied ministry across the diocese, we hope it will excite, encourage and inspire you.

Our Strategy 2020-2030

The diocesan strategy for the next ten years is set out in our Strategy Document. It describes our mission goals of growing, nurturing and serving, and the support that will be offered from the centre to support parishes in meeting our goals.

Mission Communities: An inspiring vision for local ministry

Our proposals for mission communities will enable us to work together in growing, nurturing and serving our communities across the Diocese of Manchester.

We shared our inspiring vision for the future of local ministry in Transforming Manchester Diocese: Briefing document on the proposals for Mission Communities in October 2020. The aims of this document are to communicate our vision for mission communities, and to agree the key principles we should apply in their creation.

We invited a wide range of people to study the proposals and give us their feedback to help us reach agreement on the principles that should apply to the creation of mission communities.

We asked:

  • What inspires you about the proposed vision for mission communities?
  • Do you have any concerns about the key principles for mission communities?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges of the proposed approach for your church community?

A group of young people discussing the proposals for mission communitiesWe have been overwhelmed by the positive engagement with the proposals and by the number of responses we have received. Over 1000 people took part in a range of consultation meetings (mostly over Zoom), and others emailed us either as individuals or on behalf of their PCC.

A summary of the feedback is published in a report called Transforming Manchester Diocese: Feedback on proposals for mission communities and next steps.  

All your opinions are important to us and are helping us to discern the way forward as we continue to develop and refine the proposals over the coming months.

We are still open to receiving feedback on the proposals for mission communities and invite you to email us at differentworld@manchester.anglican.org with any further comments.

Our aim is to have an agreed way forward by June 2021, when our new deanery arrangements will come into effect.

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