Diocese of Manchester

Children at Bishop Bridgeman School
Children Changing Places will engage children, their families and schools in the Bolton area to create new discipleship pathways for children.

The project will have a particular impact when children reach the key points of moving into primary education or from primary to secondary education. It will focus on building strong links between the home, church and school to create discipleship pathways from toddler group to secondary school and beyond.

The Children Changing Places project will start in the early years, helping existing toddler groups to become more intentionally Christian and creating 10 new toddler groups across three deaneries. It will encourage and establish new worshipping communities such as Messy Church and Messy Tots, and encourage families to share ‘Faith at Home’.

The Bishop Bridgeman CE primary school is a stunning exemplar of how a CE primary school, in a missional manner, can develop the discipleship pathway of its pupils, even if that discipleship pathway includes children of other faiths.

Children Changing Places is supported by a £1.2 million grant from the Church Commissioners' Strategic Development Fund. A number of new posts have been created to run the project, beginning in late January 2019.

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