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Engaging children and families in worship

First published on: 17th August 2023

In Manchester South and Stretford Deanery, the congregation at St Paul’s Church Withington hosted ‘Experience Church’ for the first time, providing an enriching and joyous experience for a local specialist support school. ‘Experience Church’ is an interactive, multi-sensory way to engage primary school children in learning about the local parish church and how Christians worship and practice their faith

Experience Church at St Paul’s will be available to other schools during the Autumn term.

St Paul’s worship space is also open on Tuesdays during the holidays to welcome children and families to ‘Play Make Explore Eat Cake’ which is exactly what everyone did!  New starters to nursery and reception classes at St Paul’s CE Primary and other local schools born in and around the lockdown period joined in, played together, made new friends and are growing in confidence each week. It’s a chance for parents to meet each other before term starts. At the same time, children enjoy music from the St Paul’s Musical Director who plays piano, arts and crafts, face painting, lots of play, and delicious cake courtesy of members of St Paul’s choir. The last session before Term starts takes place this Tuesday 22 August. From Tuesday 5th September ‘Tuesday Tinies’ pre-school family stay and play will start at 10am-12 noon with an additional Baby Bank following on from the success of Play Make Explore Make Cake.

Pirate Day was a particular joy, as was each day Revd Cate received a baptism or wedding enquiry!  During the Autumn Term, Diddy Disciples worship and storytelling for babies, toddlers and young children will begin on Thursday mornings, providing the opportunity to make more pre-school church links in Withington as children become comfortable and happy being in St Paul’s Church building and become familiar with the social situation of when to listen, sit, stand, sing and dance. This helps to prepare them for both school and church.
Ruth Gent, Man Dio Growing Faith Enabler has also been out and about across Manchester South and Stretford Deanery, visiting schools and churches, and meeting parents. She told us, "Connecting a wide range of people to each other, sharing ideas, information and inspiration has been such a privilege already!  With faith, hope and prayer, everyone is waiting to see fruit further develop as church communities nurture, serve, worship and grow!" 

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