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Collaborative Ministry Accreditation

One of the exciting developments in the life of the Church has been the re-discovery and understanding of ministry as the calling of all God’s people. Collaborative ministry in particular is about our relationships and how as individuals, congregations and parishes, we can all work together to share our resources, gifts and abilities, and more faithfully and fruitfully carry out God’s call to mission.

Why be accredited?

Collaboration is one of those things which we all know is good, which we all assent to (in theory) but which is not at all easy in practice. The days of the (stipended) vicar running the church are long gone. In many cases churches are already collaborating as a single parish, or as separate parishes in a Team or Partnership.

The Collaborative Ministry Accreditation process is an opportunity for a parish to look at the ways in which it is or isn’t working well collaboratively. This process is particularly relevant when new members join a team, such as OLMs, Readers and ALMs, as the team needs to reconsider how it works. 

How to apply

CMA Application Form should be completed by incumbent and PCC together. The process for accreditation is explained in the related pages below and parishes are asked to apply for a variety of reasons:

  • It is more than seven years since you last went through the process
  • Your parish has a new incumbent
  • There is a new configuration of parishes e.g. Mission Team, partnership, etc.
  • The parish has a new OLM, Reader or ALM in training.

Experience has shown that this is a positive and helpful process for a parish. It is not an “Inspection” but a way to ensure that ministry is properly shared, that there is support and agreement between ministers, that we value each other as the people of God, and for our different but complementary gifts.

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